The Good Credit start-up loan is usually aimed at business start-ups, freelancers and small businesses that do not exist for more than five years. Getting a loan is not easy for self-employed or freelancers.

Banks are reacting very cautiously to loan applications from self-employed and freelancers as they pose a high risk for banks as borrowers. Good Credit loans for business start-ups. Good Credit also offers special loans for self-employed and start-up founders (see here).

Loans for self-employed Good Credit banks


To promote small and medium-sized enterprises. The self-employed Good Credit loan provides self-employed and private customers especially for economic development, alternative energy promotion, and private housing construction. Also for start-ups, craft businesses and liberal professions, a loan for self-employed are awarded.

In summary, this group is called medium-sized companies with up to 250 employees and 50 million USD annual turnover. Through a house bank, a loan for self-employed Good Credit Bank can be claimed; the so-called house bank principles apply.

This means that a house bank must always carry out the prior check and bear the liability risk of a loan for self-employed persons in whole or in part. Comparable subsidies Loans for self-employed persons of Good Credit Bank: With the exception of the Good Credit Banks’ start-up loan, all self-employed loans are granted according to the tariff category A1 to A2.

For SME investments, a self-employed loan of up to USD 10 million can be claimed. Good Credit Bankengruppe also grants a 50% exemption from liability for deposits. This enhances the security of the self-employed in a loan to the housing bank. For the self-employed, the Innovation Program provides a loan for the education and training of products and production processes.

Loan for self-employed Good Credit bank

Loan for self-employed Good Credit bank

Good Credit has two different self-employed lists. On the one hand, self-employed people get a personal loan to get their own living space, on the other hand, there is a corporate loan for the self-employed, businessmen and trades. Which topics are included in the financing and which do not fall under the funding program, we clarify here.

The self-employed can also make comparisons between the current test winners to obtain a loan. Freelance start-up entrepreneurs have the opportunity to get a favorable credit.

There are financing options for a large number of self-employment topics: Subsidy programs 037-047 can not be used for construction measures for assisted living, fiduciary business, own business, purchase of own shares, facilities for the promotion of renewable energy sources, rescheduling, additional financing, follow-up financing, and extensions become.

Another interesting thing about the loan for the self-employed


With the entrepreneur’s loan self-employed, traders and self-employed are promoted. The loan grants state discount rates and a disclaimer of 50%. Among other things, Good Credit Bank names the current account loan with a redemption-free start year for securing liquidity and a corporate loan with an advantageous fixed interest rate of 10 years.

More about loans for entrepreneurs, application to the bank and how much capital the loans contain. It is the world’s safest savings bank. “Good Credit Creditanstalt für Wiederaufbau is the safest Good Credit worldwide. The long-term credit ratings are used for the assessment.